AUG 16, 2013 -
Super stoked to be participating in the live painting event to promote TARFEST on LaBrea Ave with my bud Craola and Merry Karnowsky Gallery, as well as some amazing artists this Saturday, August 17!!!! Comes check it out! Head over to the Tarfest site for more info.

Cheers, Axis



JUL 9, 2013 -
I'm super stoked and honored to be featured on Go check out the interview on their site, and find out some things about yours truly. Thanks for your continued support!!! Here's a screenshot of the interview below.

Cheers, Axis

PS- I have some rad things coming up, so check back here soon for updates!



MAR 3, 2013 -
Hey Everyone, it's been a minute since I've posted new stuff. I've got lots to upload (well, actually my friend Jason does it), but for now, here's something from last week. My buddy Swank One and I, took on this massive wall on Melrose! It was 6 full days in the sun,(I hate the sun), but incredibly fun, and we were both super stoked with the piece. I did the entire left side (from the big tip with the kitteh on it), to the left end, where the giant sea bass lives. Swank crushed the entire right side. Swank is not only a good friend of mine, but hands down my favorite artist that works with spray paint period! The star of this wall for me, and most folks we encountered while working, is the little pineapple in the middle.

On another note, this was completed on February 27, 2013, but it comes down March 5th. Yup, 2 more days. If you're in L.A., go see it. It's at Melrose and Ogden, right next to Fairfax High School.

Here are some detail shots. Click the photos to enlarge

Alright, enjoy the video.


The Pineapple Mural from ICU ART on Vimeo.



AUG 30, 2012 -
My friends Dabs and Myla are curating a show at Thinkspace this Saturday, September 1, 2012, and have been kind enough to include me. The show is titled "Marvelous Expeditions." The artists they have assembled are all amazing and really came through for this show. Dabs and Myla have also done beautiful works, and an incredible installation. This one is not to be missed. Cheers, Axis



AUG 22, 2012 -
This Saturday in San Francisco, CA., Guerrero Gallery presents - "Leave the Beef on the BBQ". An amazing roster of artists, at a prestigious space, in one of my favorite cities on the planet. Going to be a killer show!

Cheers, Axis



JUL 27, 2012 -
Here is a video interview of yours truly, and some pics of what I did at Art Basel 2011 in Miami, courtesy of my good friends at MONTANA COLORS. Cheers, Axis



JUL 5, 2012 -

So, here is a video currently up on Rolling Stones' website this month, for my friend DEADMAU5, and his cover of this month's issue!!! Super stoked that the helmet I painted for him that he wore at the Video Game Awards was not only in the video, but was also considered for the cover!!!!!  Cheers and congratulations Bro! -Axis

Check out the video below:



MAY 31, 2012 -
For immediate release: are pleased to present Limited Edition Artists Series Tees, featuring artists Augustine KOFIE (L.A.) and AXIS (L.A.), both longtime representatives of the Los Angeles Streets.

Along with the artists series, seasonal drops will include MTN COLORS branded Tees. In this season,we offer The NEON BOLA & WRITE THE LIGHTNING. All Tees are printed on the highest quality AMERICAN APPAREL tee shirts, made in the U.S.A.




MAY 15, 2012 -
So here's the poster I did for "GIG!"(A Revolutionary Art Show) at the iconic Warner Bros. Records building this Friday, May 18.

We were asked to do a poster for a fantasy gig, so who else could I pick but Metallica, playing my 40th Birthday next year!? I'm hoping when they see this, they may just actually say "What the hell, let's do this!!!" I have sent a request to metal gods above. If you're interested in checking the show out, you must RSVP. Cheers, Axis

Click to enlarge!



APR 25, 2012 -
So I'm super stoked to be participating in this Sesame Street theme group show at Known Gallery April 28 and 29. Sales benefit City of Hope's Department of Pediatrics. Who doesn't want to help the kids!!!? Cruise down, plenty of killer art, and a good time to be had by all. Cheers, Axis

Presented by my friends at The Seventh Letter, and Neff



APR 24, 2012 -
Here's the billboard I painted for the "Assemble" Avengers show at 7021 Melrose Ave. on May 3rd. It's located at Mansfield and Melrose, right across from California Chicken Cafe. Great chicken, go eat some! Unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan. If that is the case, sucks to be you.

Click the photos to enlarge!



APR 24, 2012 -
I did this for Deadmau5 for the VGA's! Was so rad seeing him spin in it.
Click the photos to enlarge (I'm trying to find bigger ones, sorry)



APR 24, 2012 -
So here's what I did at Basel in December. Sorry it took so damn long to post these. I threw one in for scale. My buddy Pastime rocked the squares. We decided we liked the combination so much, we are working on paintings together now for a show coming up in June at Crewest in beautifully crusty Downtown L.A.!!

Click the photos for full size.



NOV 18, 2011 -
I am painting a huge wall at Art Basel in Miami this December with 3 other artists that are not only awesome, but they happen to be very good friends of mine. Look out for my limited "ART BASEL" tees, available next week. Just email me for info! Cheers, AXIS



NOV 17, 2011 -
This painting is featured in the Dec. 2011 (current issue) of Juxtapoz, along with my first appearance in the magazine as an artist profile.



JUN 8, 2011 -
Check the Illustrations and Pen and Ink sections for some new uploads!



JAN 22, 2010 -
Here’s the "Acura RDX" commercial I did last month. This is stop-motion animation, except our piece of paper was a humongous wall and our pencils were spray cans. Watch the tires of the car (they never move). Pretty sick right? Special thanks to everyone at Epoch Films.

And here's how we did it! Pay attention, this commercial was done old-school style using stop motion animation. This is the making of...



NOV 6, 2009 -
At LACMA on November 8th 2009. The Wende Museum presents: The 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was one of the artists chosen to participate in the project.The section I painted will be pulled down in honor of the fall of the wall. I am so stoked! It's a free event. The wall comes down at 11pm. This is a big deal to me. Come celebrate the fall of oppression!!!!!!!!!!



JUN 3, 2009 -
So I'm in this killer show this month called "The Detournements of Wynn Miller" with some serious heads! Myself, The "Gonz", Jeff Ho, Shepard Fairey, Shawn Barber, and others, are doing our interpretations of some of Wynn Miller's iconic photography. To top it off, Keith Morris will be playing some records. June 13th. See you there. Check out the flyer for the show -- here!



JAN 21, 2009 -
Here's a couple new videos I wanted to share. Check them out!

Time lapse video of my Obama mural, which was featured on during his inauguration (and was #3 of 20 images shown in the "Obama Everywhere" section):



OCT 25, 2008 -



AUG 30, 2008 -
Welcome to my new site. Sorry it took so long to get one back up, (2 years), but I've been at the bar doing research. Actually, I'm finally getting my site up, because my buddy Jason from the bar did it, so going to the pub frequently IS NOT BAD, despite what they tell you. Anyway, hope you enjoy my work, and drink responsibly. (Don't spill your drink on me or I will punch you!)



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